Suckless Tmux config

Suckless Tmux config There are numerous Tmux configurations available online. However, they often tend to be bloated, rely heavily on plugins, and can be challenging to deploy to servers. TheMore

COVID-19 Telegram Bot COVID-19 Telegram Bot is built to provide latest statistics about the Corona Virus. It gets the data from covid-19-api. The bot supports both command and inline modes.More

Out of Universe

Out of Universe blog Out of Universe is my astronomy blog where I write about the latest interesting astronomy news. The topics are mainly related to exoplanets (extra-solar planets), earth-likeMore

Metis Chrome Weather Extension Metis is a Google Chrome weather extension which is built on top of Eris API. It provides the current weather based on the user’s geolocation. MetisMore

Simple Weather Indicator

Simple Weather Indicator Simple Weather Indicator is a no frills open source project for Ubuntu Unity, and Gnome 3 desktops, licensed under GPL-3.0 with over 2,000 active users. The projectMore

Eris Weather API

Eris Weather API Eris is an open source weather API to get the current weather condition across the globe. The project is licensed under GPL-3.0. The technology stack solely consistsMore

Cheat Sheet Factory

Cheat Sheet Factory Cheat Sheet Factory is a factory/collection of useful cheat sheets targeted for developers and it is licensed under MIT. This project is a created based on devhints.ioMore

GeeksWeb Telegram Bot

GeeksWeb Telegram Bot GeeksWeb Telegram Bot or GeeksWeb Bot (GWB) is a simple and lightweight Telegram bot. The project is written in PHP and heavily relies on Zelenin Telegram BotMore

CISAP Is Simple Audio Player

CISAP Is Simple Audio Player CISAP stands for CISAP Is Simple Audio Player. CISAP is a simple command line audio player which provides many facilities to play different audio fileMore


LetraX LetraX is a retro lyrics fetcher built on top of AZLyrics to empower command line lovers. The script heavy used Ncurses library to give a retro look and feelMore