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Pulsey Pulsey is a simple command line utility to switch between different available installed sound modules (cards, Bluetooth speakers, headphones), profiles, and input/output jacks. The project is licensed under GPL-3.0.More


XO2 XO2 is an experimental implementation of the classic Tic-Tac-Toe game developed for Android devices, licensed under GPL-3.0. The game algorithm is partially implemented based on the minimax algorithm. ToMore

Elixir Lyrics

Elixir Lyrics Elixir Lyrics is a free REST API to simply retrieve songs lyrics via API calls. Instances of Elixir Lyrics are shared in different PaaS providers including Openshift andMore

Translate WebApp

Translate WebApp Translate Web Application is a simple experimental translation application and licensed under GPL-3.0. The project technology stack consists of barebone PHP 5, CSS, JQuery, and Bootstrap. The applicationMore

Bill Mining

Bill Mining Bill Mining is a desktop application written in Java that uses Swing and SQLite. The application allows adding company, outlet, item and item categories of purchased items inMore

Neat Geo IP

Neat Geo IP Neat Geo IP is a free GeoIP REST API to retrieve the country name of a given IP address. The service source code is licensed under GPL-3.0.More


Webcam2CCTVCloud Webcam2CCTVCloud is a simple script which turns any webcam to CCTV camera. So one can capture as many frames as needed and save them in the desired location. ItMore


AutoPlayPy AutoPlayPy is python script with the purpose of automating playing Youtube, DailyMotion, LiveStream, Twitch, and Ustream videos via LiveStreamer. AutoPlayPy functions independently of browsers. Hence, users can play videosMore

Find Unique Images

Find Unique Images Find Unique Images or FUI, in short, is a very simple and useful script for CCTV camera licensed under GPL-3.0. A valid use case for FUI couldMore

Ncurses Phone Book

Ncurses Phone Book Ncurses Phone Book aka NPB is a very simple command line phone book written in C and released under GPL-3.0 license for educational purposes. NPB relies onMore